Posted on 04-Feb-2020

Happyimprints, India's Life Casting Studio (Hand/Feet Prints Services and Kits , Mother Milk Jewellery Kits, Life casting Training)

- A Mothers Breast Milk is Love turned into Food for baby. baby is too small to remember bond that only you both share, you don’t miss to store them. Make your own breast milk stone.
- Make your own breast milk memories. The memory that only you and your baby share.
- Breast feeding is a mother’s gift to herself and her baby. Make your own breast milk stone, to embark your breast milk journey.
- Every mother have a unique story to share about her breast feeding journey. What’s your’s ? 2 best messages receives free DIY Breast milk kit
- Have you clicked enough photos of your baby ? made videos? created beautiful keepsakes. Did you make your breast milk stone?
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